Mr.Awadesh Kumar Gupta


Designation:  Assistant Professor

Dept: Compter Science & Engineering

Faculty Type: Regular

Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech(P)

His  area of expertise includes:

·         Compiler

·         Discrete Mathematics

·         Network Security

·         Operating System

·         Parallel Algorithm

·         Qualifications                   :B.Tech, M.Tech

Teaching Experience      :               8 Years

Write-up about you:- Awadhesh Kumar Gupta is an Asst Professor in Computer Science & Engineering Department. He is a very confident and efficient faculty with his own methodology for teaching.  His interested subject area includes: Discrete Structures, Digital Logic Design, Automata Theory, Compiler Design, Operating System, cryptography and Network System, C++, C-Programming. Before being a teacher he worked as a Software Engineer at Pvt. Ltd. His hobbies and interest involved reading books, magazines, etc.

Mr.Awadesh Kumar Gupta

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